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 Pastured-raised Red Broilers

Pastured-raised Red Broilers


At Anchor Light Farm, we offer a diverse array of fresh vegetables, including the old stand-bys and interesting heirlooms from each part of the growing season. The spring growing weather yields lots of greens and spinach, and the summer brings in carrots, squash, beets, peas, beans, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, peppers, and lots more. As temperatures start to fade into fall, we offer sweet corn, more squash and tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and garlic. And of course, lots of greens throughout the season. Produce is available for purchase in wholesale quantities.


Our pasture raised chickens are a huge hit with our customers. This season, we will offer the same delicious birds. Chickens can be purchased at the farm through our pre-buy program or throughout the season as they are available. We welcome pre-buy orders, as it lets us know how many birds to raise for each batch. Our "red broilers" have plenty of space to roam, forage on fresh pasture every day, and receive a supplemental feed of locally sourced, non-GMO grain. No hormones or antibiotics ever. Click here to pre-buy your chicken for the 2018 season, or give us a call to find out how many we have in stock today.


When you visit us you will likely encounter some of our free-ranging laying hens as they go about their daily forage activities. We raise several varieties: rhode island reds, pearl white leghorns, and barred rocks. They are happy, healthy birds that produce delicious eggs. Eggs are for sale "a la carte" on the farm year round, and are also available at local food markets.


Pick-your-own raspberries are available seasonally. Check back in the summer months for an update on picking schedule and availability.

Looking for local pork?

Check out the pork shares available at our neighboring farm: Raven Hill Farm. They raise Berkshire pigs on their pastures in Braintree, and have whole, half, and quarter shares available in the Spring and Fall.